Es ist schon einige Zeit her, dass ich hier zuletzt etwas gepostet habe. Das hat verschiedene Gründe, oberflächliche und andere.

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Freiburg sah selten so gut aus

Zu den Oberflächlichen gehört, dass ich seit Belfast keine richtigen Reisen mehr unternommen habe, abgesehen von ein paar Wochenenden zuhause und einem längeren Trip an Weihnachten. Es waren aber keine „aufregenden“ oder neuen Orte, die zu dokumentieren sich besonders gelohnt hätte. Zu den Oberflächlichen gehört auch, dass ich durch Essaydeadlines, Klausuren und so weiter weniger Zeit hatte.


Belfast & The National

belfastThis weekend I have been in Belfast. It was definitely one of the most impressive trips so far.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. As such, it is – other than (South) Ireland – part of the United Kingdom and actually British. That means that you can spend UK money, use your UK phone, buy UK stamps, and so on. This sounds convenient, but has created a deep split in the population of Northern Ireland: the split between those people who would rather be Irish („Unionists“) and those who would rather be British („Loyalists“). This split created the euphemistically named „Troubles“ from the 1960s until the late 1990s. Weiterlesen

Inverness, Loch Ness & Black Isle

inverness-wayIn late October, we decided to go to „the Highlands“ for a day or two. Since „the Highlands“ are somewhat a rough description and it’s rather difficult to get to spots which are interesting for hiking without a car, we ended up staying in Inverness and using it as the base for further expeditions.

The trip from Edinburgh took us three and a half hours, and you get a number of stunning views of the highlands from the bus if you go during the day. The bus stops in a few towns on the way, but mostly it’s a straightforward journey through the Highlands with amazing views of the nature and mountains of Scotland’s north. Weiterlesen

Isle of Arran


Arran ist a beautiful island on the west coast of Scotland. It’s a 2-hour-drive from Edinburgh to get to the ferry, and around an hour on the ferry to actually get to the island. Or, to put it another way, Scotland is a quite small country and it’s easy to get from one side to the other. And I was lucky enough to have a lovely group of people to go there with.


First Glance at Ireland


img_2852This weekend, we went to Dublin. And around Dublin.
Going to Ireland seems like a no-brainer once you’re in Scotland, since Ireland is quite literally just around the corner. It takes less than 50 minutes to fly from Edinburgh to Dublin, and equally so to fly to Belfast. They even share a language, Gaelic, though there are (as far as I’ve been told) significant differences between Irish and Scottish Caelic. Anyway, my point is, Ireland is close to Scotland and if you’re in the region anyway, have a look.