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A Cwtch from Wales

Wales on a good day

Wales on a good day

Early March 2014 took me to Wales. Rachel had announced that „it might stop raining on Saturday“, but the general approach was more of a plan-ahead-for-rainy-days. But it would turn out very differently from what we thought.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADurham is a small town a few minutes away from Newcastle. It’s really really small – basically a massive Cathedral and a university with a few streets attached to them.

It’s a beautiful town, nevertheless. With its magnificent Cathedral, the beautiful Castle, the river, the small shopping alleys and beautiful nature just everywhere around, I get why people study here in what seems like the middle of nowhere if you’re used to Edinburgh and its loud and jammed streets.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to York on Valentine’s Day 2014. It was a bit random a choice; I had nothing to do on the weekend and decided to go somewhere. York was close, sounded familiar and looked nice on a map. York is a comparably small city. With a few 200,000 inhabitants, it is about the size of Freiburg or Saarbrücken.

It’s also ancient – literally. York was founded in the late 1st century AD and prospered under the Roman emperors, being the capital of Britannia for some time. I did Latin and History for five years, but I never noticed how much of Roman imperial history actually took place in York: A whole bunch of emperors hung out here, and Constantine the Great first usurped the principate here. Weiterlesen

Belfast & The National

belfastThis weekend I have been in Belfast. It was definitely one of the most impressive trips so far.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. As such, it is – other than (South) Ireland – part of the United Kingdom and actually British. That means that you can spend UK money, use your UK phone, buy UK stamps, and so on. This sounds convenient, but has created a deep split in the population of Northern Ireland: the split between those people who would rather be Irish („Unionists“) and those who would rather be British („Loyalists“). This split created the euphemistically named „Troubles“ from the 1960s until the late 1990s. Weiterlesen