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Today we climbed

arthursseatimg_2168(The title being an allusion to Katherine Price’s awesomest of all travel blogs,) I would like to announce that I finally got to the (very) top of Arthur’s Seat today, and although I have climbed this giant piece of highlands in the middle of the city before, I never got to the actual top. Once we started, we got a slight bit of a first idea of what we were getting into when we finally arrived in front of the smaller rock left from our actual target. We were chasing the sunset and as you will notice in the picture, while the sun was still shining on Arthur’s Seat, it was surely not any more at our current position at it’s very bottom. So the speeding up process began.

img_2219When Elli started saying that we would never make it to the top until sunset and things went steeper up, we got a little quieter (and out of breath), but looking behind we were already able to see the skyline of Edinburgh drawning in the blue-violet-ish light of the sun disappearing behind the small layer of clouds covering the horizon. It is amazing how the most common natural sights such as that of a sunset over an old city, looked at from the top of a mountain, have a soothing and at the same time a bit intimidating effect on you that makes you feel small in terms of the sheer size of things. Weiterlesen

New to Edinburgh

10. September: An afternoon in Old Town

12. September: Das ganz, ganz andere Seminar

2013-09-12 14.15.09Die School of History, Classics and Archaeology in Edinburgh residiert in einem Flügel der alten Medical School. Sie hat, je nach Zählweise, zwischen 5 und 8 Stockwerke. Das gesamte Gebäude gehört den Historikern, Klassizisten und Archäologen, und deren Zahl ist recht überschaubar (wenn man alle zusammen nimmt, sind wir in diesem Jahrgang geschätzt um die 150 Postgraduates). Es gibt riesige Aufenthaltsräume, getrennt nach Undergraduates, Postgraduates und PhDs, es gibt ebenso riesige und ebenso getrennte Arbeitsräume, kleine Lounges und „Student Resource Rooms“, die eigentlich Bibliotheken sind. Die Gänge sind lang, verschachtelt und in unbekannten Stockwerken sollte man es vielleicht mit Theseus halten, um vor Mitternacht wieder herauszufinden.

2013-09-12 13.01.04


Edinburgh at Night

IMG_1549Probably only one of many, many night shootings to come. It’s just such a stunning view.

Edinburgh at night has it’s very own kind of very old, medieval, eternal skyline. Since it’s all made of stone and it all looks like it was made for eternity, you get the feeling this city can never have and will never change. As the city seems to spend a fortune towards lighting the most beautiful buildings all through the nights, you get an awesome skyline view from down in the valley of the Princes Street Gardens that could easily be one of the prettiest in the world.


Royal Botanic Gardens „Tour“

IMG_1661Today I went for a fresher’s event that was announced as a guided tour through the Royal Botanic Gardens. It turned out to be more of a guided tour towards the Royal Botanic Gardens. When we got to the meeting point, the bus had just passed – great timing, guys – and we had to wait for half an hour in one of Teviot’s (i.e. the student assembly house’s) cafés for the next one. After a 10-minute-journey that could have as easily been a 15-minute walk we arrived at the Royal Botanic Gardens. There our „guide“ just let us „explore the gardens on our own“ and we had a one-and-a-half-hour-walk through this beautiful, big, blossoming green heart of the city.

By timing, accident and bus ride happenings, I ended up in a group of five: Manon (France), Laith (Afghanistan), Andrey (Ukraine), and Kathryn (US) – it couldn’t have been any more international.